Welding Capabilities

Class A fusion welding to stringent x-ray requirements is a core competency at HM Dunn Aerosystems.

MIG, Spot Weld, and Held Arc Units.


      • AC7110 Welding/Brazing
      • AC7110/4 Resistance Welding
        (Spot, Seam, Projection)
      • AC7110/4S Resistance Welding

  • AC7110/5 Fusion Welding
  • AC7110/5S Supplemental for
    Fusion Welding
  • AC7110/12 Welder/Welding
    Operator Qualification

  • AC7110/12S Welder/Welding
    Operator Qualification
  • AC7110/13 Metallurgical Evaluation
    of Welds
  • AC7110/13S Evaluation of Welds

Welding Capabilities

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