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JAN 2020

President and CEO Phil Anderson Announces Plan to Retain People through the Temporary Suspension of 737 MAX Production

DEC 2019

Corporate Director, Human Resources Attends White House Summit on Child Care and Paid Family Leave

OCT 2019

Corporate Director, Human Resources participates in joint White House and Department of Health and Human Services Senior Leadership child care roundtable.

Aug 2019

HM Dunn Sponsors Spirit Charity Classic
Board of Director Meets in Wichita, KS

Jun 2019

KKR Appoints Bob Reding Chairman of the Board of Directors

May 2019

KKR Appoints President and CEO Phil Anderson to Board of Directors
Implements Factory Consolidation Plan

Apr 2019

Adjusts 737 MAX Production Rate
F-16 Parts Enter Production

Mar 2019

Sells St. Louis Site Real Estate

Feb 2019

Increases Production Rates on 737 MAX
Awarded 2-year contract on 777

Jan 2019

Dave Wiseman named VP, Supply Chain Management
Extends Certain 737 MAX Content through 2025
Increases Production Rates on F-35
Increases Production Rates on Gulfstream G500 and G600

Dec 2018

Awarded Emergent Content on 737 MAX
Begins Product Development on New Large Category Business Jet
Exits Unprofitable 787 Content
Reduces Headcount in Wichita

Nov 2018

Greg Valcoure named COO
Awarded 3-year contract on KC-46
Awarded 5-year contract on F-16

Oct 2018

Greg King named CFO

Awarded contract on 737 MAX

Awarded new defense contract

Sep 2018

Katie McNatt named Corporate Director, Program Management

Jul 2018

Awarded 3-year contract on F-15
Improves Factory Throughput Using Lean Techniques and Automation

Jun 2018

Improves Working Capital Performance

Sells Excess Real Estate at Fort Worth, TX facility

Larry Ulin named General Manager, Wichita - Machining Division

Gains Support from GSO Blackstone and KKR

May 2018

Closes St. Louis Operations
Implements Business Intelligence and Analytics
Increases Production Rates on F-35 Program
Awarded 4-year contract on A320 NEO
Mona Martin named Corporate Director, Human Resources

Apr 2018

Philip Anderson named President and CEO

Successfully Completes ISO9100 D Certification

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